Do You Need a CFO?

Some FAQs to Help You Decide

What Value Does a CFO Bring?



A CFO is involved at every level of strategic financial planning. From meticulous financial reports to capital structure, investments and financial forecasting, a great CFO will weave a fiscally sound web around the resources and best interests of a corporation. At Avenue CFO Services, our CFOs will be your ally. We will work with you and your firm to create a critical, successful financial environment.



Who Makes a Good Avenue Client?



While we have the capabilities to work with businesses of all sizes, we typically see the most need for our CFO services with entrepreneurs and businesses with annual sales of $1 million to $75 million. Avenue CFO Services will work within your budget requirements to provide clear, strategic financial plans. We are flexible and confident. We are experts in our field and will become an expert in yours.

Is your accountant’s strategy not adding up?
It is a popular misconception that accountants and CFOs are interchangeable. Many businesses may hesitate to hire a CFO because the full-time, annual salary may be overwhelming. Avenue CFO Services offers proven experience on a part-time, contractual basis.
Is your company’s performance underwhelming?
t is often difficult to take an objective look at your own business. Our CEO-friendly approach will allow you to take a step back. We will assess the daily operations, staff, growth and expenditures. We will help you rebuild a solid foundation and create a path for success.
Do you ever want to retire?
You have poured your heart and soul into your privately held firm. While it may seem unfathomable now, one day you will want to pack your bags and head for the golf course or see the world. Avenue CFO Services can help you create a separation plan that you can implement when you are ready.
Did your CFO leave their post?
Don’t miss a fiscal beat if your firm finds itself without a CFO. Our CFO Services are a financially responsible solution to fill your CFO position until you find a more permanent replacement. We will quickly tailor our services to fit your specific needs.
Does your staff have what it takes?
A good CFO goes beyond the numbers. In order to build a strong foundation, the heart of your business needs to match the focus of your employees. During a staff assessment process, we will identify areas that need improvement, create or correct job descriptions, and revitalize your current team. Our CFO Services support your sales and marketing efforts to generate more return on your investment.